Ratha yatra festival is an annual Utsav for the people of Belagavi and is being celebrated since 25 years. The overwhelming response for this festival is evident from the fact that each year almost one lakh people participate over a period of two days. Put together by 700 volunteers serving in various capacities, there are stalls that display various agricultural products, cow care exhibitions, puppet shows depicting the divine pastimes of Lord Jagannath, book stalls showcasing scientific, spiritual books and Youth forum stalls.

 On stage, we have dramas, bhajans, kirtans and lectures by senior devotees of ISKCON. Despite the staggering turn-out of Belagavi’s people, the police personnel opine that this is the only festival which happens without any disturbances. We are very grateful to the people of Belagavi, the local administrators and friends from the police department and hope to continue with an increasing enthusiasm in the years to come to bring the blessings of Lord Krishna to the common man.