ISKCON Belagavi is conducting and focusing on village preaching in nearby places like Khanapur, Nilji, Halga, Nippani, Ambewadi, Waghawade, Kallehol etc., wherein we try to promote cow protection, creation of seed banks, rain water harvesting, land grazing and holistic management system. This helps to maintain rich and authentic agricultural practices, systematic planning, protection of indigenous species of plants and also maintain bio-diversity of these areas. Also, based on Srila Prabhupada’s teachings, literatures and sastras, we teach the locals how Lord Krishna used to take his cows for grazing in the forest of Vrindavan every day and how Balaram ji, who carries plough, signifies and teaches agriculture. In this we are adapting a system called mimicking nature. Based on this, we have a project called Gokuldham where such practices are followed rigorously, and many people visit to witness the beauty of it.

Each village also has a Namahatta or an outreach centre- where our programmes and preaching is carried out. We are able to have many people attending Ratha yatra, Janmastami and major programs in the cities due to the people attending in the villages. We now have 22 Namahattas where every weekend more than 200 devotees gather.  They perform wonderful services every week by having dramas, festivals, farm practices and full meal Prasadam is served. 

We also have full-fledged temples in Khanapur, Waghawade, Nipani, Karwar, Nilji where devotees can come and stay. Also, camps are arranged and devotees can come, get trained and stay. We also have Radha Krishna health centre in Jamboti village, where we conduct free medical check-ups.

For more information contact :  0831-2400108